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Spring 2024 Meeting

Edward Gallagher, Dairy Farmers of America, Risk Management – Gallagher’s Topics of Interest – March 2024

Robert Aguilera, Novonesis – Considering Higher Solids Milk from another perspective

Steve Funk, (Nelson-Jameson), Brian Grochowski (Aquionics) and Norm LaVigne (Valcour Processing) – Clean Water, Air, and Milk: How They Affect High Quality Dairy Products

Dave Barbano, Cornell University, Dept of Food Science – Higher Fat Content Raw Milk: Options to React as a Cheese Maker

Stephen Hoyt, Stacey Sabo -NYSERDA (and Ryan Voorhees- CHA Solutions) – Industrial Decarbonization

Sally Rowland and Molly Trembley, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation – DEC Regulation of Food Processing Waste Use in Ag

Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University, Dept of Animal Science – Holsteins Behaving Like Jerseys and Thoughts on the Capacity of Dairy Cattle to Make Milk Components

Schedule of Events

Tuesday afternoon Awards Ceremony – Scholarship Award Presentations & Cheese Judging Awards.

Conference Photos including Monday Night Cheese Banquet and presentations

Spring 2023 Meeting

Tuesday afternoon Awards Ceremony – Scholarship Award Presentations, Cheese Judging Awards, and presentation of the David K. Bandler Cheese Industry Award to Brian Bailey

Monday evening – Cheese Banquet

Fall 2022 Meeting

Spring 2022 Meeting

Spring 2021 Meeting

Fall 2020 Meeting

Spring 2020 Meeting

Spring 2019 Meeting

NY State Fair Event

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