Membership Application and Dues

To submit your membership application please fill out the form fields below and submit with your payment. Payment information will be collected on the next screen once you have submitted your information below.

Membership Level Options:

Active (Voting) Member

  • Manufacturers’ of cheese shall pay a minimum dues of $300 and additional dues on the following schedule:
    • Additional $100 for each 1,000,000 pounds of cheese or fraction thereof in excess of one million pounds manufactured in the previous calendar year to a maximum total Dues of $1,200.       $______
  • Suppliers of milk for the manufacture of cheese as follows:
    • Less than 500 million pounds of milk per year:                 $300.00
    • More than 500 million pounds of milk per year:                $500.00
  • Active members whose primary business is the assembly, processing, cutting, packaging, and/or distribution of New York cheese and whose principal business location is within New York State shall pay annual dues of $300.  Upon application to the board of directors, an out-of-state packager, processor, or distributor of New York State Cheese may be granted membership in this category.         $300.00

Associate (Non-Voting) Members

Any other individual or firm interested in the activities and objectives of the Association         $200.00

Dues shall be payable annually or semi-annually in advance within thirty days after the beginning of any six month period.  The subscription and membership continues from year to year unless revoked in writing by letter or other written notice to the President, Secretary, or Treasurer